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Is BigCommerce the right commerce platform for your business?

Having a strong online presence is essential for ecommerce businesses of all sizes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, customers turned to online shopping, and merchants that lacked the proper infrastructure to handle the influx of visitors faced numerous issues, harming the customer experience.

From mismanaged inventory to lost orders and lack of functionalities, the pandemic served as a wake-up call for both B2C and B2B companies. As a result, many businesses are now exploring alternatives, such as robust ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, to ensure they have the right tools and digital presence to succeed.

BigCommerce is a comprehensive ecommerce solution that offers a range of tools and features specifically designed to streamline and meet the unique needs of B2B businesses. But is BigCommerce the right ecommerce platform for your business? Let’s find out.


What companies should consider when choosing an online platform?

To select the right ecommerce solution, companies must first identify their needs and goals and compare them to the features and functionalities of each platform. Other essential factors that need to be considered include

  • The platform’s security and payment options.
  • Integration and customization capabilities.
  • Tech support availability.
  • Pricing.


The BigCommerce advantage

A BigCommerce ecommerce platform is an all-in-one SaaS solution with store management capabilities and various features designed to simplify and streamline the B2B sales process. Designed for business owners with low-coding knowledge, BigCommerce websites are accessible and easy to manage. They offer a variety of third-party apps to integrate, extended platform capabilities and multiple payment process options, making them a versatile online solution for businesses looking to scale.


Three reasons why BigCommerce might be right for you

1. You’re looking to leverage online marketplaces to sell your products

According to McKinsey, 60% of B2B companies are open to purchasing on digital marketplaces. This is roughly the same percentage as those willing to buy from a supplier online store. So, if you want to increase sales and revenue and enhance brand visibility in addition to your website, leveraging online marketplaces like Amazon is essential. However, managing separate platforms can be costly, redundant, and time-consuming without the proper tools.

With its open SaaS platform, BigCommerce allows you to seamlessly integrate into different marketplaces, ensuring real-time data flow and accurate product information across all platforms. In addition, it provides two-way syncing capabilities, so all information flows back to your ERP, making inventory and order management a seamless process and allowing you to streamline your operations.


2. You’re looking to connect an ecommerce platform to your WordPress site

With the BigCommerce WordPress plugin, your B2B businesses can seamlessly connect your WordPress and BigCommerce platforms and manage your online store directly from your WordPress dashboard without migrating your entire website.

The integration between WordPress and BigCommerce enables you to maintain your existing website’s look and feel and continue leveraging its content creation abilities. At the same time, BigCommerce handles all the ecommerce needs to offer a fully integrated shopping experience. With BigCommerce, companies can leverage their WordPress site’s functionalities while allowing customers to shop online.


3. You’re looking to expand your brand to foreign markets

In today’s global market, having a multilingual website is a great way to reach a larger audience and give your business a competitive edge. While English may be the official international language, ecommerce businesses need to be sensitive to the needs of their foreign speaking local customers and those abroad. A keen awareness can make all the difference in enhancing the customer experience.

BigCommerce supports multilingual content and allows for personalization, so companies can create a customer-centric experience for different regions. Through app integrations and third-party APIs, BigCommerce supports multilanguage translation of products and checkout pages, so you can boost your international SEO efforts. In addition, you’ll be able to accept payments in over 100+ currencies through a gateway of your choice.

By utilizing the international and multilingual capabilities of BigCommerce, you can connect with customers worldwide and provide them with a seamless and personalized shopping experience.


Partner with experts for your ecommerce journey

Still unsure if BigCommerce is the right ecommerce platform for your B2B business? O2 Web’s team of experts is here to provide guidance. Contact us today for personalized advice and one-on-one consultation to help you make the right decision and scale your online store effectively. Together, we can work towards your business goals to help you achieve long-term success.

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