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More composable, more performance: the future of Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Adobe Commerce, formerly known as Magento Enterprise, remains one of the most widely used and popular ecommerce platforms in the market today as rated by analysts and experts in the industry. Why is that? Simply put, Adobe Commerce is one of the most flexible, extensible, and scalable commerce platforms out there. Moreover, it offers endless possibilities and can fulfill all of your composable commerce needs.


But wait, what is “composable commerce”?

Composable commerce is an approach that enables businesses and tech teams to bring their brand’s unique digital vision into the world by launching continuously optimizing ecommerce experiences that leverage multiple best-of-breed vendors together into one complete, ready-for-business solution. And because composable solutions are often built on open standards, they tend to be more interoperable than proprietary solutions, making it easier for businesses to integrate them into their existing infrastructure as their needs evolve.


What are the benefits of composable commerce?

#1 Flexibility

For e-commerce brands, it offers a way to invest in only the components that they need, when they need them. Composable commerce also gives businesses the flexibility to change their solutions and their business evolves. Businesses are not locked into a single platform or solution. Instead, they can mix and match applications to create the perfect customer experience for their business. This means that they can easily add or remove features as needed, and they are not reliant on a single vendor for their entire ecommerce solution.

#2 Time to market

Another key benefit is reduced time to market. With a traditional ecommerce platform, businesses often have to wait for months or even years for new features to be released. With composable commerce, businesses can easily add new applications and immediately start using them. This allows businesses to quickly iterate on their digital customer experiences and release new features as soon as they are ready.

#3 Scalability

Finally, composable commerce also offers improved scalability over traditional ecommerce platforms. Because businesses are not reliant on a single application or platform, they can easily scale their digital customer experiences up or down as needed. This means that businesses can start small and then scale up their operations as their business grows. In contrast, with a traditional ecommerce platform, businesses often have to purchase more expensive enterprise-level plans in order to scale their operations.


With Adobe commerce: take 2 steps at the time!

With the rise of ecommerce, shoppers expect faster sites and custom-designed shopping experiences. Adobe Commerce is built on a composable architecture, which means you can easily incorporate any third-party tools or services that will help grow you grow your business.

Adobe Commerce has always allowed for modules and extensions to sit within the application. Over time, and in today’s market place it is common practice for clients to use an external CMS, alongside their front-end software – Magento 2 was specifically designed with this concept at heart: you can have one without needing another! This strong integration between ecommerce services means your business will be able to manage its entire customer journey from search through to purchase all within one system. 

By using Adobe Commerce, companies can take advantage of a platform that integrates with multiple other products and services to provide a complete ecommerce solution. In addition, Adobe Commerce offers a wide range of features and functionality that can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business. As a result, Adobe Commerce is the right investment for any company looking to provide a composable commerce website.

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